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How supplements can save you thousands of dollars.

Did you know that you can SAVE thousands of dollars in future medical costs?  Below is a study that backs this up.

The findings of such a study commissioned by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance, which were presented at a Congressional hearing on September 22, 2004, revealed that BILLIONS of dollars could be saved each year by supplementation with commonly available nutritional products. 

Note that the products studied were NOT even cutting edge products -- they were just simple basic nutrients.  Just imagine what will happen to your health with taking far superior supplements which are at:

Imagine the savings if people were using the most advanced high tech supplements such as these!!! It could be billions times 1000!

Professor Jeffrey Blumberg of the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University commented on the study: 
"As our country faces an ever-growing crisis in health care, it is important to recognize the role that dietary supplements can play in reducing our burden of disease and the costs to manage it."

So if using supplements could save the USA BILLIONS of dollars, that means that a family's share of that could be thousands of dollars, and that does not even count saving yourself the pain and misery of getting a condition that is going to cost you money.

So while on the surface our products may appear to cost money, and in the short term they do, in the bigger scheme of things, and in the long run, they SAVE you FAR more than they cost you!

The most expensive supplement is the one you need but don't take!

It's like complaining about the cost to operate a car -- sure it costs money for gas and maintenance, but what would it cost you to not have a way to get around? 

When people acquire good products, they are not so much buying a supplement, they are buying health and longevity. And they are getting it for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR!

Think of what we have, not as a supplement or pill, but as power food. Most food is extremely nutrient deficient, so of course it makes sense to get power food  to compensate!

I say that virtually ANYONE can afford what they really need, first by just reallocating $4-$5 a day that they are ALREADY spending on fast, junk or processed foods that hurt rather than help (90% of Americans spend 90% of their food budget on processed and junk food and beverages, so there is plenty of room in there to find money to reallocate!)

Secondly, people can afford POWER FOOD by realizing that the few dollars a day now will SAVE them THOUSANDS of dollars in the future. It only makes good common sense.

Everyone knows that it is smart to pay money for car maintenance to avoid the BIG BILL later on! But even if you mess up and don't take care of your car, you can still always buy another car -- but you can't get another body!

And of course, they can even get them for free for life by referring a couple of people who refer others.

You can either pay now (a few dollars a day) or A LOT MORE LATER. It is your choice! Take care of your health or it will go away.

Quality really does matter.
When it comes to supplements it's a big problem knowing which are good quality. It's very confusing. Many commercial-grade vitamin and mineral concentrates are synthesized by the large pharmaceutical and chemical companies from the same starting material that they make their drugs from (coal tar, wood pulp, petroleum products, animal byproducts, waste and fecal matter, ground rocks, stones, shells, and metal).

* Most Vitamin B-12 is made from activated sewage sludge.

* Most Vitamin D is made from irradiated oil.

* The bulk of all Vitamin E is produced in the labs of Kodak.

* Niacinamide is made by boiling sulfur in the presence of asbestos.

* Supplemental calcium, for the most part, is either mined from the earth, ground from old bones, or made by grinding up oyster shells.

But it is still really important to supplement. Why?
* It takes 80 cups of today's supermarket spinach to give you the same iron you'd get from just one cup of spinach grown 50 years ago.

* According to a Rutgers University study, it now takes 19 ears of corn to equal the nutritional value of just one ear of corn grown in 1940.

* There is less than half the protein in today's wheat as in the wheat our grandparents ate.

* Much of our soil is so depleted that our farm crops depend ENTIRELY on the chemical fertilizers they are fed to grow. That means that most of the food we eat is devoid of virtually all the trace minerals we need for survival.

One thing you definitely want to be supplementing is enzymes. If you eat mostly processed and cooked food you are not getting enough enzymes. Digestive enzyme supplements may just be one of the best insurance policies you can give your body so you can enjoy a long and healthy life.

F.M. Pottenger, MD, and D.G. Simonsen conducted a series of studies to determine what, if any, impact cooked food had on health. They put two groups of cats on controlled diets, identical except that in one group the food was raw, and in the second group the food was cooked. The results were astounding. The group on raw food maintained normal good health and showed no signs of degenerative diseases, but the group on cooked food showed an astonishing breakdown of health in all the animals, including:

* Incomplete development of the skull and bones
* Bowed legs
* Rickets
* Curvature of the spine
* Paralysis of the legs
* Seizures
* Thyroid abscesses
* Cyanosis of the liver and kidneys
* Enlarged colon
* Degeneration of motor nerves throughout the brain and spine

* And by the third generation, this group could not reproduce
Studies done with laboratory rats have shown that rats eating raw foods live about 30% longer than rats eating diets devoid of enzymes.

We are living in a toxic soup.
We are living in a toxic chemical soup. Just one reason why it is so important to cleanse and detoxify on a regular basis as well as giving our bodies what they need so that they can properly function.

No one knows exactly how many synthetic chemicals have been unleashed on this planet. A generally accepted figure, necessarily an estimate, is that 100,000 chemicals are in use worldwide, with more than 1,000 new chemicals entering the marketplace every year. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency keeps a list of about 85,000 in its registry and of these only a small fraction have ever been tested individually for their impact on the health of human beings. Many fewer still have been tested for their synergistic (multiple interaction) impacts on health.

What's even more disturbing is that in order to test all existing chemicals for synergistic effects on human health, it would take nearly 200 million different experiments which, with current technology, would take up to 1,000 years to complete.

The U.S. produces or imports 42 Billion pounds of chemicals a day! 

Why are studies showing that 12% of American couples are unable to conceive? 

Why are studies showing that the number of children being born with both male and female sex organs tripled in the last decade? 

Why is the incidence of testicular cancer in 2000 four times higher than 1950?

Why are more and more men seeking breast-reduction surgery as a result of drinking tap water?

Why is the U.S. spending more than twice as much on health care than any other industrialized nation?

Could it be due to all the toxic chemicals we are swimming in?

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